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Oil Reclamation: Turning costly waste into enhanced profitable fuels

Ship operations including tank cleaning, purifying fuels and use of ballast water produce industrial waste oil and water emulsions, commonly referred to as "ship slops".

These are predominantly composed of water (c. 70%) and liquid hydrocarbon products, including Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and cargo waste e.g. Crude Oil (c. 30%).

Existing processes to "demulsify" this waste by separating the oil and water are time consuming, leaving up to 20% water in the reclaimed oil resulting in a limited market for the product. In addition, the remaining oily water remains a form of ships slops waste.

At the height of the HFO market, ships slops were being sold to heavy industry, which now favours purer oil products, further reducing the market for ship slops and leading to an alarming build-up of ships slops in ports.

SulNOx has an improved process for the separation of the oil from this waste. Our process takes the harmful oil and water waste and purifies it within a matter of hours.

Reclaimed oils using our process show as little as 1.5% moisture content in independent testing by Bureau Veritas, whilst gaining lubricity and remaining stable.

The dramatically lower water content improves value and saleability from its increased number of uses.

The remaining water layer is also far easier and cleaner to dispose of in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner.


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