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  • What are the benefits?
    Cost Savings: Compelling ROIs c.1,000% • Reduced fuel consumption (8% average in 1.2 million mile road test) • Reduction in maintenance costs (1-2% average) • Reduction in downtime for fleet vehicles • Reduction in fuel storage costs (↓ diesel bug) • Potential for carbon credits Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets Improved Engine Performance & Health: • Reduction in maintenance costs c. 2% from ↓ DEF, ↓ load on DPF & ↓ filter changes • Detergents and surfactants increase fuel lubricity, reducing engine wear • Reduces soot load on EGR and protecting oil from ↓ blow-by soot • Reduced fouling of ignition, fuel & particulate filters and fuelling components • Lowered exhaust temperature and quieter engine • Reduced contamination of engine oil • Increased preservation of engine and turbo life • Significantly reduces Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system load Emission Reductions / Air Quality Improvements: • Particulate Matter Reductions (PM 2.5 ↓ >60%, PM 10 ↓ >50%) • Greenhouse Gas Reductions Positive Environmental Impacts • Reduced fossil fuel consumption • Significant reduction in emissions, NOx, CO & CO2 output • Decarbonisation - less smoke, soot and harmful particulate matter (PMs) • Improvement in overall air quality (PM10 reduced > 50% and PM2.5 > 60%) No Compatibility Issues • IDiesel Certificate EN590 & ASTM D975 • IPetrol/Gasoline Certificate EN228 (E5, E10) & ASTM D4814 • IBiofuels Certificate EN16709 (B20, B30) • IMarine Fuels Certificate ISO 8217 Achieve ESG Goals – both in-house and client/supply chain • Consume less fossil fuels, scope 1, 2, & 3 / TCFD / regulatory reporting Enhance Green Credentials: • Retain or win new client business
  • What products are there?
    SulNOx currently has three successful products in the global marketplace: Berol® 6446 HFO Fuel Emulsifier SulNOxEco™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner SulNOxEco™ Petrol Fuel Conditioner Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets Berol® 6446 HFO Fuel Emulsifier When encountering water, our products emulsify it into the fuel thereby improving the combustion profile whilst reducing emissions through the secondary explosion mechanism. Using Berol® 6446 Fuel Emulsifier in all grades of HFO (Heavy Fuel Oils) to emulsify water (up to 18%) will therefore significantly reduce Green House Gas emissions, while save your business money on fuel costs, and the wear and maintenance of your engines, burners, boilers and heat exchangers. Bunkering – SulNOx offers remarkable, long-term (>1 year), stable emulsions for all grades of HFO. This is possible by combining Berol® 6446 HFO Fuel Emulsifier with our ultrasonic process equipment. SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioners Enhancing all diesel, petrol and biofuels. Improves the burn profile and more complete combustion of diesel thereby significantly improving fuel economy. Adds lubricity and still remains EN590/EN16709 compliant; crucial for improving engine health. Reduces corrosion and removes engine residue. Significant extension to the life of engine oils leading to a substantial reduction in engine wear and maintenance costs. Diesel - dosing of 1:2000 mix ratio. Competitive pricing and low volume usage make SulNOx economical. Spend £0.01 per litre and save £0.05 on fuel. Petrol - dosing of 1:1000 mix ratio. Spend £0.02 per litre and save £0.05 on fuel. Also tackles the current concerns with E10 fuel and stops separation of ethanol.
  • How can water be an ally and not an enemy?
    All fuels, but especially Biofuels, are hygroscopic in nature (they attract & absorb water). The presence of water can have damaging effects on the engine, filters and other critical parts, as well as issues from storage (e.g. diesel bug). To solve this pervasive problem, SulNOx invented the SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioners, which take the water already present and perfectly disperse it throughout the fuel. These microscopic water droplets then vaporise in the combustion chamber, exploding large fuel globules into smaller droplets, increasing the surface area of fuel available to mix with oxygen. The SulNOx formulation also releases additional oxygen to improve combustion efficiency, thereby reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Additionally, the detergent properties of SulNOx removes deposit build-ups, clean the filters, fuel lines, EGR systems and other engine parts whilst adding lubricity into the fuel, reducing wear. Significant reductions in NOx, CO, CO2 and particulate matter are realised, along with improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs (8-10% in Euro 6 class trucks). Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets
  • Are there any negative side effects?
    "No evidence had been observed that the additive, SulNOxEco™, can introduce any negative impact to the performance and properties on the tested fuel oil, for both residual and distillate, at the given dosing rates" - Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets
  • What sets SulNOx apart?
    SulNOx fuel additives are unique and are made only from sustainable, biodegradable ingredients, to emulsify water and increase oxygen availability to the fuel - making it burn cleanly and more efficiently. Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets
  • Warranty & Compatibility
    Manufactured by Nouryon BV, SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is verified by Bureau Veritas to be compatible with all diesel and gasoline type fuels including EN590 EN16709 Biofuels (B20, B30) EN228 gasoline (E5 and E10) and is certified to comply with, and not alter, the specification of any of these fuel types. SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is the only fuel additive that will not void your engine warranty as it remains fully compliant to recommended engine manufacturer standards. Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets
  • Who is SulNOx?
    SulNOx is a UK Public Limited Company, formed in 2012, trading on the Apex segment of the AQSE (Aquis Stock Exchange) growth market and the US OTCQB venture market. Click Here For All SulNOx Certificates, Data Sheets & Safety Sheets


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